Our Team

Allan Sneag, Independent Agent

Background: Allan Sneag, a South African expat originally from Johannesburg, graduated college with a BA in graphic arts and worked as a graphic designer in the advertising industry before deciding his passion for travel should dictate his career. He officially made the switch to the travel industry in 1975, and has enjoyed a forty-year career that has encompassed both corporate and leisure travel. Allan’s destination specialties have been a mirror image of one another, as he specialized in planning trips to the US when he was still living in South Africa, and has focused on arranging journeys to South Africa since moving to L.A. in 1998. Allan views travel as essential because it broadens the mind and gives new insight. Namely, travel changes your entire outlook because it brings you out of what you perceive to be the center of your universe, and exposes you to other worlds and dramatically alters your concept of reality.

Areas of Specialty: Leisure travel with an emphasis on South Africa.

Favorite Destination: "Having come from another country, I really do love the US. I especially loved Las Vegas in the 1970s when I saw such legendary acts as Elvis, Liberace, Joan Rivers and Liza Minelli."

Favorite Travel Experiences: "Flying the Concorde from London to New York, being on safari and traveling aboard the Orient Express from Venice to London and also the Blue Train in South Africa"