Our Team

Ann Lesser, Independent Agent

Background: Ann Lesser was born and raised in South Africa, to where her German Jewish parents had fled during World War II. Hearing stories of her parents’ upbringing in Europe, and especially of her father’s travels sailing throughout Europe, fueled her worldly curiosity. When Ann finally got to discover Europe later in life, it was there that she met her American husband. The couple soon moved to the US, where Ann embarked upon her travel education before securing a post with Frosch Travel, all the while expanding upon her knowledge of world destinations by traveling feverishly with her family. Ann’s love for her native South Africa led to the opening of Travel Spirit in 1994, which is a boutique travel firm that specializes in orchestrating one-of-a-kind expeditions to South Africa and the rest of the African continent.

Areas of Specialty: Upmarket travel to South Africa, Israel, Australia and Europe.

Favorite Destinations: "Amalfi Coast, Australia, Galapagos and of course Africa"

Favorite Travel Experience: "As both a leftist South African who grew up during Apartheid and an American citizen forbidden to visit Communist countries, visiting Cuba really struck a chord with me. There is only so much information we receive about Cuba in the US, and during my trip I discovered that so much of what we do hear are complete misconceptions. Cuba is a beautiful country, and the people are well-educated and hold the same values we do, despite leaving under a Communist regime. What really amazed me is how fond they are of their culture, which you can see in their art, ballet, music, etc..."