Our Team

David Odaka, President

For over three decades, All Star Travel Group’s founder and President, David Odaka, has been at the forefront of the luxury travel industry. Notably, David was one of the early agents to pioneer travel management for the entertainment industry in the 1980’s. David’s elaborate work and familiarity with this field led to the debut of All Star Travel Group, where David has taken his proven formula with entertainment travel and maximized his relationships to service corporate travel, special interest groups and leisure travelers. David and his team of All Stars have worked tirelessly to build All Star Travel Group not only to become the choice travel agency of the entertainment industry, but also to be included as one of a select few agencies to enjoy preferred partnership with the world’s most exceptional luxury hotel groups. In addition to overseeing all of All Star Travel Group’s operations, David remains passionately dedicated to his longtime clients by still working arduously as a front-line agent on a daily basis. 

Favorite Travel Destination: "It changes all the time because destinations are constantly changing. I’ll go somewhere once and when I return, it will feel a lot different because of how that place has evolved since I was last there. Sometimes, so much time has passed since I have visited somewhere, that I am not reminded of how much I love it until I return and it’s like discovering it all over again. South Africa, Paris and Rome are among my favorite places, but Tokyo is phenomenal because everything there is perfection: The food, the shopping, service, even the presentation of a grain of rice! The culture is fascinating and there’s so much happening that it’s sensory overload unlike anyplace else"

Favorite Travel Experience: "South Africa really is a life-changing experience. As a result of being surrounded by nature and the wild, upon your return home, there is something inexplicable that happens to you that bestows a much greater appreciation for what you have"