Our Team

Dawn Garrett, Office Manager/HR & Vendor Relations Manager

Background: Dawn Garrett has lived the best of the west, having been born in Los Angeles, raised in Maui and resided for 15 years in Austin. A veteran of the music business, Dawn spent years on the road decorating dressing rooms for acts such as Pink Floyd, George Strait and Britney Spears. Dawn’s additional experience in backstage production management required her to oversee everything from advancing shows and office management to hospitality and bartending; legendary rock stars used to chase Dawn through concert venues so she would come on board their tour buses and whip up her famous Margaritas-which the Head of NBC once told her should be named “Better than Martha Stewart’s Margaritas!” A girl can only live on the road for so long, so Dawn traded it in to join ASTG, where her former background is perfectly utilized to manage vendor relations and office operations.

Favorite Destinations: "Maui and Florence"

Favorite Travel Experience: "During one of my trips to Maui, I swam with a pod of 75 dolphins that was being especially playful, as if they were celebrating something. They were flying through the air, doing flips, spinning around and just having one huge dolphin party. Our guide grew very excited and told us dolphins respond to trial drum beats, so he tapped the kayak like a tribal drum and all the dolphins suddenly started coming straight for us! They were coming at me from all directions and it was just incredible! They were jumping in and out above the surface of the water, they were torpedoing deep below and they were coming at me from both sides! Once they reached me, they just checked me out and kept about 20 feet away, so I was never in any danger. It was a magical experience I will never ever forget!"