Our Team

Derrick Stauffer, Accounting

Background: Derrick Stauffer is a classically trained musician who also graces ASTG with his talents as an accountant. The cross-country road trips Derrick enjoyed with friends during college enlivened his love for travel; the group would stop for the night in the middle of nowhere and pitch a tent in sheer darkness, only to awake the next morning to an awe-inspiring vista. These types of surprises, along with the powerful anonymity of being an outsider in unexplored places, have fueled Derrick’s travels and music career. His innate curiosity for the art scenes of different cities has enabled Derrick to reside in  Atlanta, Dallas, Cleveland (where he received his Masters in Music Performance from the Cleveland Institute of Music), Aspen, New York and now Los Angeles.

Favorite Destination: "Anywhere I’ve never been. I just want to see as many places as possible while I’m still on this Earth"

Favorite Travel Experience: "Stockholm during the summer, when the days of relaxing with new friends seemed never-ending, thanks to the 11pm sunsets"