Our Team

Garin Yoshimura, Corporate Travel Manager and Senior Travel Specialist

Background: Garin Yoshimura’s precision to detail and sense of urgency are two factors he takes very seriously working on All Star Travel Group’s corporate travel team. Knowing there is no margin for error, Garin is committed to servicing his corporate powerhouse clients down to the very last detail. Corporate travel aside, Garin views traveling as a vital endeavor for everyone because it allows others to explore their passions and expand their interests, no matter what they may be; whether you’re a big city buff, eco-friendly, an active traveler or are just looking to relax, there are so many places in this world for each interest and each personality.

Areas of Specialty: Corporate destination specialist in North America and London.

Favorite Destination: "Hawaii for its relaxing pace, especially Maui"

Favorite Travel Experience: "My first trip to Asia was really eye-opening because I had not done a lot of traveling prior to that trip, and life in Asia is markedly different than it is in the US. I visited Japan and Korea, and just really enjoyed the personalities of the big cities, which I would run ragged exploring during the day and then spend many late nights out on the town. Some of my fondest memories are definitely the all nighters I spent with friends in the hotspots of Tokyo"