Our Team

Joy Dibobe, Independent Team Agent

Background: Growing up as a military brat and being forced to move every three to five years turned Joy Dibobé into something of a gypsy. She attended grade school in Honolulu, middle school in Seattle, high school in Los Alamitos and college in San Francisco. Needless to say, the nomadic lifestyle resonated with Joy and unearthed her love of travel. Following her college graduation, Joy arranged travel for high-power executives in finance, electronics, education and even at the renowned international toy company Bandai. These experiences brought her to All Star, where she sat on the executive team alongside President David Odaka before becoming an independent team for Opes Luxury Travel. Joy never travels without her stuffed panda (easier than traveling with a beloved Rottweiler) and compliments her adventures both at home and on the road with a refreshing virgin Piña Colada.


Areas of Specialty: France, UK and US.


Favorite Destination: "Any place I have never been"


Favorite Travel Experiences: "Fitzsimmons in Dublin, the beaches of Laiya, Ruby Falls in Chattanooga, snowboarding in Tahoe, whitewater rafting in Yosemite , the Savoy theatre in London, Petrified Forrest in Arizona, firework show on Lake Michigan, helicopter tour from Nice to Monaco and enjoying anything edible in Lyon!"