Our Team

Laurie Bentley, Corporate - Senior Travel Specialist

Background: Laurie Bentley has enjoyed a 23-year career in the travel industry, specializing in entertainment travel. Laurie’s passion for travel came about as a result of spending her high school years living with her family in Paris. With so many great destinations just a stone’s throw from Paris, Laurie’s family would travel just about every weekend. Laurie returned to the US to study psychology at Brigham Young University and decided to make a career change a few years later, at which point she attended the American College of Tourism in Northern California. Shortly after completing her studies, Laurie moved to Los Angeles, where she has managed travel for prominent organizations within the entertainment industry ever since.  

Areas of Specialty: VIP and Entertainment travel

Favorite Destination: "Italy"

Favorite Travel Experience: "I’ve been to so many places and have seen so many wonderful things, that it’s impossible to narrow down to one"