Our Team

Mary Alice Cunningham, Independent Agent

Background: Mary Alice Cunningham views her work as a pleasure rather than an occupation, and receives great joy from encouraging others to explore the world and experience profound moments abroad. Mary Alice graduated from Arizona State University before becoming a teacher, and when she realized her true love was travel, she enrolled in travel school. Upon completing her studies, Mary Alice joined the Connoisseur agency before moving to Pro-Travel and eventually All Star, and has specialized mostly in leisure travel with an emphasis on luxury cruises. Her career has afforded her the privilege to experience two around-the-world journeys, the last of which was a five month odyssey beginning in Asia, traveling west to the Middle East, up to Europe, across the Atlantic and all the way through the US back to California. Mary Alice resides with her husband and splits her time between L.A. and Palm Desert.

Areas of Specialty: "Caribbean and European cruises"

Favorite Destination: "Anyplace I haven’t been. I am especially looking forward to exploring South America"