Our Team

Michael Barron, Director of Operations

Background: Michael Barron was born in Germany, and as the son of an engineer in the US Army, the family moved constantly. Residing in so many different places exposed Michael to travel at a young age and foreshadowed his career in travel. While attending the Corcoran College of Art and Design in Washington DC, Michael worked part-time at Thomas Cook Travel until he finished school and became a full-time employee. In the 38 years Michael has been in the industry, he has worked for a variety of agencies and assumed just about every task imaginable, so his role as Director of Operations at Tzell Travel Group comes naturally since he is intimately familiar with every facet of the business. Michael is especially delighted to be a part of Tzell Travel Group, where after working for many cold and impersonal agencies over the years, he is refreshed to find the professionalism and camaraderie that reminds him of his first years in the industry. This is partly way above all, the human qualities of travel – interacting with clients and colleagues in addition to encountering so many interesting people from all walks of life while on the road- is what continues to inspire Michael and fulfills him the most.  

Areas of Specialty: As Michael has held every post imaginable in the travel business from handwriting tickets to managing client services, Michael’s area of expertise is truly operations. Especially of note is Michael’s familiarity with the industry’s technology, as he entered the industry just as computers were expediting the trade, and his command over software and systems has been forced to evolve alongside the industry’s rapidly changing technology.

Favorite Destination: "Paris is probably the place I have been to the most. It compels me to keep going back"

Favorite Travel Experiences: "I was in Paris on a very cloudy day, and when I walked into Sainte Chapelle, the light from above the clouds protruded into the stained glass windows. To see four stories of stained glass illuminating the entire chapel was just stunning. I’ll also never forget the time I was flying on a Singapore Airlines 747 and awoke to see the beautiful sunrise over the Pacific"