Our Team

Nick Hofstadter, Executive Travel Admin

Background: Native Angeleno Nick Hofstadter has been fascinated with hotels, aviation, languages and world cuisines since birth. When he discovered the Condé Nast Traveler Gold List at ten, he designed a fantasy global itinerary based on the hotels he most wanted to visit. Nick’s study abroad experiences solidified his love for travel, including two exchange trips to the Bordeaux region in high school, a university club excursion to Cuba and a semester abroad in Florence. Having received his journalism degree from NYU, Nick devoted his early NYC editorial career to travel, dining, luxury services and weddings – which led to a secondary career in event planning. To become further ensconced in hospitality and travel, Nick obtained his Masters in Hospitality and Tourism from NYU prior to returning to L.A. and joining All Star.

Areas of Specialty: France, Italy, California and New York City.

Favorite Destination: "It may be cliché, but I will never tire of Paris. Positano and my one time home of Florence also resonate deeply"

Favorite Travel Experience: "The four months I spent studying abroad in Florence were magnificent. My university owned a 57-acre estate composed of five villas straddling both sides of a steep olive grove that overlooked the entire city (and from where the school made their own olive oil), so my classes would begin there in the morning and reconvene in the center of town after lunch to visit the buildings and works of art we had just studied. Touring the catacombs underneath Vatican City with one of my classes to view what are believed to be the bones of St. Peter was one of the most extraordinary experiences I’ve ever had. I can’t think of a better way to have ended the semester than hiking the beautiful Cinque Terre with friends, and ending the day watching the sunset from atop the ocean rocks in Riomaggiore while sharing a bottle of Vermentino we bought from a local winery along our hike"