Our Team

Renee Tao

Background: Renee Tao fell into the travel industry over 20 years ago on the supplier side with a sales position at Hyatt. Since then, she has lent her talents in hotel sales and group meetings orchestration to such renowned companies as Hyatt, Four Seasons, Fairmont and Ritz-Carlton. Having come into the industry unexpectedly, Renee was pleasantly surprised not only that she had an innate ability to service her clients, but that this skill would bring her so much fulfillment. As a travel industry expert, Renee often counseled people with their travels and had worked on several projects with All Star, which eventually inspired her to go into the travel business for herself in affiliation with All Star. To Renee, traveling is about creating a memory that will be unforgettable and helps us gain new perspectives on our lives.  By taking the opportunity to explore the world and experience other cultures, we are rewarded with moments of personal growth in return.  Renee highly encourages others to pursue her practice of embarking on a monthly adventure to somewhere new, even if it’s in your hometown.

Areas of Specialty: High-end leisure FIT/Groups, family vacations, spa holidays, private jet expeditions and hotel contracting.

Favorite Destinations: "I’m all about experiential travel and my favorite destinations are where textbooks transcend into real life, such as experiencing the sunrise in Machu Picchu, discovering the beauty of Fiji under water, working with rehabilitated elephants in Thailand, climbing the Pyramids in Egypt and trekking through Africa on safari. To me, vacations are not only about luxury experiences and properties, but more about experiencing the local culture of each destination.  There is always something in my travels that expands my global awareness.  I always return a better person and become even more appreciative and filled with gratitude"

Favorite Travel Experience: "Watching the morning sunrise in Machu Picchu.  However, "favorite" constantly changes with each life journey"