Our Team

Staci Sugita, Operations Manager and Corporate Senior Travel Specialist

Background: Staci Sugita is a Southern California native who hails from Orange County. She attended California State University in Long Beach, where she majored in business and human resources. Although Staci fell into the travel industry by happenstance, her dual background in business and HR turned out to be an ideal match for her work as one of All Star’s senior corporate travel specialists. As Staci had no plans to enter the travel industry, she is ecstatic that this line of work has taken her all over the world, and has allowed her to experience many destinations and properties she never thought possible.

Areas of Specialty: Client relations and high-touch, individualized service for large corporations.

Favorite Destinations: "Hawaii, London and Paris"

Favorite Travel Experience: "Visiting Budapest because it was unlike any city I had seen before, with such interesting architecture"