Our Team

Susan Brodner, Leisure - Senior Travel Specialist

Background: Susan Brodner views travel as a living textbook; no matter where one goes, there is always something new to learn. For Susan, it was three years of schooling at Insititut Monte Rosa in Montreux, Switzerland that ignited her love of travel and inspired her career, which she began in 1981 at Doral Travel in Denver. A graduate of the University of Arizona, Susan has enjoyed a multitude of unique travel experiences in her career: riding solo on horseback in the Andes high above Mendoza in Argentina, conquering the trek to the Tiger’s Nest in Bhutan and retracing her father’s footsteps during WWII on her first trip to Beijing - which catalyzed her love affair with China. However, with all the fascinating and beautiful places Susan has been, it is the wide array of enchanting people she has encountered that have composed the heart and soul of her travels.

Areas of Specialty: Asia, South America, Europe and India

Favorite Destinations: "Asia, Argentina, Peru, India, New Zealand, South Africa and Italy"

Favorite Travel Experience: "It’s too difficult to pick just one, but Myanmar is very special because it is home to some of the most incredulous temples of Southeast Asia and the primitive efficiency of its people is fascinating; they are a beautiful people who have been secluded from the rest of the world and have established a civilization in their own unique way. This lifestyle is very different from the western world, but their thirst for knowledge of western culture is a glimmer of hope for their advancement, which I see happening more each year"