Our Team

Taylor Allen, Executive Travel Admin

Background:  Taylor Allen had always been interested in life outside of her native Los Angeles, but it was not until her first trip to Europe at age 17 when her passion for travel, food, art, language and culture took on a new meaning. A few years later, Taylor accepted a babysitting job in Lucca, Italy, which inspired her to complete her education abroad. Through California State University at Chico, Taylor studied for a year and a half at the University of Pau in the southwest of France and finished her studies at the University of Chiang Mai in Thailand, graduating from CSU at Chico with a double major in Humanities and French, and a minor in Italian. Through her work on ASTG’s leisure team, Taylor is delighted to bring the same sense of world discovery to others that she experienced herself on her first international journey.

Areas of Specialty: France, Italy, Thailand, Cambodia and Chile

Favorite Destination: "Annecy, a little town in the French Alps nicknamed - The Venice of France"

Favorite Travel Experience: "The five months I spent in Thailand, immersed in the Thai culture, practicing the lifestyle and exploring the country"