Our Team

Teri Wells, Accounting Manager

Background: Travel has been one of the number one defining aspects of Teri Wells’ life, which is astonishing for someone who had never flown on an airplane until shortly after she entered the travel industry! Knowing that a career in travel was her destiny, she finished travel school and immediately began working as an agent. Teri’s next post was at Princess Cruises as an air ticketing agent, which was her last endeavor as an agent before transitioning to the business side of travel. Today, Teri directs All Star’s accounting department and business management. Emerging from routine and into another world is what Teri finds most exhilarating about travel, and as an industry expert, she advises that one dynamic trip to a new city and one extended beach vacation a year is the ideal way to plan your annual travels.

Favorite Destination: "South Africa is one of the rare places where you have the beach, city, wine country and the bush, where you are out in the open and have no idea what you’ll discover around the next corner. Witnessing the beauty of South Africa from a helicopter high above the coastline of the Indian Ocean is stunning"

Favorite Travel Experience: "Embarking on my first African safari was so incredible that I’ve now enjoyed three safaris and can’t wait for my next one!"