Our Team

Terri Lim, Corporate - Senior Travel Specialist

Background: Teri Lim moved to the US from China when she was just three years old. The shift from the Far East to the Western world fascinated Teri, even at such a young age, catalyzing her interest in exploring other parts of the world in her later life. Teri began her professional career as a social worker, but her desire to explore the globe caught up with her and she eventually made the career switch into travel. As a travel professional, Teri enjoys seeing how travel encourages others to be open-minded to other cultures and realize they should not take the creature comforts of home for granted.

Favorite Destination: "Hawaii, where I have dear friends and family in Maui and Oahu"

Favorite Travel Experience: "As an active person, I appreciated New Zealand because it is so outdoorsy. You’re just totally out in the open and can enjoy a variety of activities: whitewater rafting, hang-gliding, canyoning, horseback riding, hiking, etc..."