Our Team

Tiffany Bowne, Independent Agent

Background: As a luxury lifestyle specialist, elite travel is just one of Tiffany Bowne's talents. Tiffany began her career in the entertainment industry, first as a talent representative, and then as a personal assistant to some of the film industry’s biggest names. She not only managed the exclusive travels for her employers, but would accompany them all over the world to Fashion Week in Milan, polo matches in Argentina and private yacht soirées in St. Barth’s. Demonstrating a knack for making the extraordinary possible (securing highly precious jewels 24 hours before delivery or sourcing a reggae band in Thailand at a moment’s notice), Tiffany moved into luxury lifestyle management for several boutique firms, which included her launch of full-service travel programs that were a first for the boutique concierge industry. Tiffany soon became an agent herself and opened her own members-only agency, Lounge Couture, which partners with All Star to create once-in-a-lifetime experiences with no limits whatsoever.

Areas of Specialty: Group, corporate and leisure travel. I have a wide knowledge of many destinations, but work a lot in Italy and Las Vegas.

Favorite Destination: "My motto is “I’ll go anywhere once” because there is a whole world to see. Some destinations resonate with me, while there are others I am happy to visit but do not feel the need to return. Italy is the destination that has been the most special to me. I’ve been there more than anywhere else in the past twenty years and have even learned Italian"

Favorite Travel Experience: "My first trip out of the country was to London when I was 20 years old and working for an Oscar-winning actress. We stayed at The Lanesborough, where I had my own private butler at my beck and call – which was a blessing because I ended up getting sick and I will never forgot how attentive the butler was to my needs. Experiencing that caliber of a hotel and such high-touch service at that point in my life was a defining moment. It’s therefore become the standard by which I judge most hotels"