Our Team

Wendy Randall, Independent Agent

Background: Wendy Randall is a native Philadelphian and graduate of Temple University who left the east coast for the glamour of Las Vegas to work at Caesar’s Palace in the late 1970s, just after spending a year living in Europe. Her early years in casino and entertainment management led to her entry into production and entertainment travel in 1983. Wendy holds screen credits and cameo appearances in The Godfather III and License to Kill for her work as the production travel manager on both films. Handling the 1984 Olympic Torch’s travel around the world, being one of the first travel professionals to fly the Concorde and managing travel for the Cannes Film Festival have been career highlights, but nothing topped orchestrating Frank Sinatra’s tour of the Orient in 1985. This difficult trip would not have succeeded without Wendy’s expert discretion, creativity and fearlessness, all of which she carries on today with her loyal clients. She is known around the travel industry world how to make the “impossible” “possible!”   

Areas of Specialty: Handling the travel and accommodations for the various entertainment markets:  MIP, Cannes Film Festival, N.A.T.P.E.,

Favorite Destination: "France and Italy"  

Favorite Travel Experience: "My honeymoon! I always promised myself that I would never go to Venice unless I was married. The Hotel Cirpriani in Venice ended up being the first stop on my honeymoon, followed by The Grand Hotel Quisiana in Capri, Il San Pietro in Positano and The Hotel Hassler in Rome. Also, I was the personal guest of Jack Valenti at a private dinner and debate in Farmers Hall in London with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher"