Our Team

Zeny Pelle, Independent Agent

Background:  Zeny Pelle's travel career began in her native country of The Philippines, where she worked in her aunt’s travel agency as a teenager. Realizing she wanted to pursue a career in travel, Zeny moved to the United States and worked as a travel specialist in a variety of firms such as ATS Tours, Islands in the Sun and Travel International.  Zeny has not only worked in retail sales, but also has experience in outside sales and the wholesale side of the business. A few years ago, Zeny returned to school to become a nurse, but she continues to be an independent travel specialist because providing a rewarding travel experience is another way she loves to heal people; nothing gives her greater pleasure than ensuring her clients have amazing experiences abroad and hearing of their memorable moments when they return.

Areas of Specialty: Destination research and bespoke travel planning.

Favorite Destination: The Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan and the Holy Land.

Favorite Travel Experience: I'm a very spiritual person, so the combination of spirituality and history made the Holy Land very special to me.